With the worsening natural environment and increasingly intense climate change, global sustainable development is facing with huge challenges. However, the communications industry consumes large number of energy, which is also on a rising trend, so it is imperative to conserve energy and reduce emission.    



BLS will take “green environment” as one of the basic strategies for the enterprise development, devote to actively communicating with customers about the idea of environmental protection, and closely coordinate with upper stream and downstream enterprises along the industrial chain, so as to construct a production and marketing supply chain for green energy saving. It will lead the green era of energy industry, push forward the sustainable development of this industry, and actively put the strategy of “green power for the world” into practice.


寶力晟自創業之初就確立了以環保理念為公司的立足根本,制造節能又高效的綠色動力是我們的追求。多年來我們一直秉承著這個理念,認真貫徹和執行國家蓄電池行業環保整頓工作的任務,積極響應國家大力發展循環經濟的號召,不斷改革工藝設計,引進高新科技設備,積極推行清潔生產,最大限度的把工業“三廢”降到最低。同時我們和國內一些知名院校和科研單位(如長春理工大學高技術產業中心,哈爾濱工業大學,清華大學,廣州市機電工業研究所 ,中國航天科工集團第二研究院等)展開了良好的互動合作,更促進了整體生產的技術更新及工藝改良。


Since its founding, BLS has regarded the idea of environmental protection as foothold of this company, thus manufacturing energy conservation, high-efficient and green power is our pursuit. Over these years, we have always carried forward this idea, carefully implemented and executed the tasks of environmental protection that required by the national battery industry, actively responded to the appealing of exerting great effort to circular economy, continuously reformed technology design, introduced high-tech equipment, actively carried out clean production, and reduced the industrial “three wastes” (waste water, waste gas and waste residue) to the largest extent. Meanwhile, we establis