深圳市寶力晟電池有限公司隸屬于香港寶力晟電池國際有限公司(BLS Battery Industries Ltd),于2003年正式在深圳成立(原寶力晟電子科技有限公司),16年只做電池,公司致力于低溫電池、高溫電池、特種電源、低溫鋰電池的研發和生產,為全球客戶提供各種惡劣環境電源定制方案?,F已批量自動化生產25AH-100AH全系列高低溫卷繞電池、低溫AGM鉛碳蓄電池、寬溫深循環太陽能蓄電池;可按需定制-50℃-70℃寬溫鋰電池組、低溫18650電池組、32650低溫鋰電池組、低溫聚合物鋰電池,產品容量高、壽命長、性能穩定。

公司注重產品的安全性能和工藝改進,特別成立了自己的安全實驗室,能自主進行安全模擬和可靠性實驗。嚴格執行專業標準設計、生產和檢測,公司先后獲得了ISO9001、UL、CE、FC、ROHS等行業權威認證, 通過了廣東質檢院蓄電池低溫性能測試,以及香港理工大學等專業科研院校的認可。

16年來,我們有幸與中國極地研究中心、鹽田國際、中國地震局、宇通客車、黃河水文站、航天科工等多家優秀的企業合作,并成功打入歐美高端市場,獲得了國內外客戶的一致好評,也因此被榮選為中國自主創新品牌、中國電池行業優秀供應商 和AAA級信用企業。



Shenzhen baolisheng Battery co., Ltd., affiliated to Hong Kong BLS Battery Industries Ltd, was formally established in shenzhen in 2003, specializing in the production of 2V,4V,6V and 12V series wound lead-acid batteries,AGM lead-acid batteries, deep cycle solar cells, golf car batteries and colloidal batteries. The company and famous power supply manufacturer cooperate, adopt international advanced AGM lead-acid battery technology, according to the modern professional standard design and production valve control lead-acid battery products, the company is committed to the BLS brand batteries in the world wide promotion.The company began to invest in the research and development of wound lead-acid batteries in 2002. After five years of unremitting efforts, the company has now produced a batch of 2.5ah-75ah complete series wound batteries, which is the first in China and has broken the technology monopoly of European and American countries in the project of wound lead-acid batteries for decades. In addition, it has passed CE and UL certification, and has been recognized by domestic authoritative testing institutions and the Hong Kong polytechnic university.The coiled lead-acid free maintenance battery produced by the company has cooperated with many top 500 enterprises in the world, successfully entered the high-end market in Europe and the United States, and won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad. The product has won many domestic and international patents. Our products have passed ISO9001, American UL, European CE, German VDS, domestic ministry of information industry, ministry of electric power, ministry of railways and China national battery testing center. At present, the company has made great progress in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Africa, southeast Asia and Middle East markets.At present, the company has made great progress in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Africa, southeast Asia and Middle East markets. At the time when China is fully integrated into the international economic market, the company is committed to the promotion of high-end rewound lead-acid batteries in the global market, both domestic and international markets. With our science and technology and sincerity, we wish to create a bright future together with you.

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